Pilbara Working Dogs Team

Australian Kelpies


Dunyellan Jasper

Born 29/02/2014

Belrieve Milly x Capree Yella

My beautiful, fun loving, affectionate, exceptionally talented & loyal clown. He is a dog I can use in nearly every situation, has cover & plenty of strength with his bark, front foot & nose bite but is also very clever with his natural relief. To top it off, he is extemely biddable & honest. Such a gorgeous boy I was so fortunate to have join my team 4 years ago.


Killili Diamond

Born 30/07/2015

Belrieve Meg II x Barru Luke

Diamond joined my team as a young pup back in late 2015. She was bred by a great friend of mine, Courtney Robinson over at Killili Contracting & Working Dogs. Though her sister was the one Court recommended, there was something about Diamond that captured me from the start. Looking back, I dare say it was her aloof attitude that suckered me in. For the first 6 months, I had to basically beg for attention & affection from this independant miss before a switch seemed to flick & she finally started returning my stubborn devotion.
Now she is one of my most loyal dogs, refusing to work for or respond to others at work which I secretly love. She is undoubtedly my most blonde dog, often getting herself in quite a tizz for no good reason. But she more than makes up for it with her wide cast, good cover and, especially in the yard situations, very clever strength. She is also proving to be a brilliant mother, with her 2 previous litters to Pilbara Impulse & Barrkel Pete's Sinner throwing very consistant & capable pups.


Dunyellan Cruise

Born 21/12/2016

Belrieve Pixie x Capree Yella

Dunyellan Cruise, one of my most handsome dogs. This boy came across from QLD as a pup & it was a last minute change of mind that had me choosing him over his sister. I'm so glad I did. There has always been something about Cruise that I've really liked & that bond, in my experience, is as important as the dog's work style. 

Our early days were interesting. His work style consisted of chasing heel's as hard as he could, which is something I'm not a fan of. Reminds me of copping the shopping trolley in the back of the foot.
But with the help of a mate, after a lengthy discussion with Cruise over the pro's & cons of teamwork & leaving the back legs alone, we finally came to an understanding & have never looked back. 

He is now a main member of my team. He is a very clever dog with his work, very straight on the stock & is pretty to watch turn himself inside out to cover without tail-turning. He has a very strong presence & is not afraid to back it up with a hard nose bite when he feels it is required. He is also shaping up to be a dog with great stamina, is the only one of my males who even attempts to keep up with Flora on the long days & to top it all off, has an absolutely lovely nature. Just the right mix of maturely arrogant & friendly, fun loving ratbag. 


Pilbara Impulse

Born 15/6/2016

Riana Lalli X O'loughlins Strych

Just gone 3 years old, Pilbara Impulse joined my team in a roundabout kind of way. I actually sold him as a pup, then was lucky enough to buy him back a month later after tragically losing his mum, Layla. 
He switched on early with his keeness to work & showed glimpses of his mother's style & class but took until 10 months to fulfill that promise. Then it was like a switch flicking on overnight & it was incredible to watch him realise his potential. 

Impulse throws his later maturing gene into his pups, like Sass but they have been well worth the wait. He is a wide covering dog with plenty of eye & natural relief but also has the strength to come in and put pressure on a beast when needed with head bite. He is loving the chance to work the lead while Charm & Diamond are on maternity leave & is doing a great job of it too.  
He has an extremely affectionate nature (possibly my fault, I love sooky dogs) & loves human company but his true loyalty lies with me. As I'm writing this, he has followed me around the house & won't let me out of his sight. 

This boy captured my heart early & hasn't let it go since. He's proven himself a great sire, a clever worker & truely loyal friend. He won't be going anywhere. 


Barrkel Pete's Sinner


S/bred Poison x Barrkel Peter's Budgie

Sinner....also aptly known as the Sin-man or Casanova.

This boy joined my team as a pup 3.5years ago now & has always been an old soul with glimpses of the fun loving boy coming out every now & then. 

He considers himself quite the ladies man with a good work ethic, until he feels his particular talents are required elsewhere....like under a receptive females kennel like The Dog out of Footrot Flats. (If you haven't read Murray Balls comics, please do yourself a favour & chase them up. Absolutely brilliant delivered with the typical kiwi humour) 
Sinner is an allrounder with plenty of sense & brains in his work. He is hitting his stride in the paddocks now, casting out & really looking for stock & making sure the stragglers are collected. He will bluff with the best of them to make up for no actual bite or bark but always hits the right spot. 
A clever, beautiful dog who is an irreplaceable part of my team. 


Barrkel Peter's Charm

Born 02/02/2015

Barrkel Zuke X Barrkel Peter's Pearla

Of all my dogs, Charm is the one most people don't know about. She is my silent achiever, the understated gem busy getting the job done in the back ground, whether I want her out there or not. 
Miss Charm came across from SA when she was about 7months old & impressed me instantly with her neat foot work & careful cover on stock. She is a very soft bitch, working wide on the stock with no bark or bite. This makes her a brilliant lead dog, though she will work all areas of a mob & is the only one who can match Flora for stamina & endurance. She is a dog I use day in, day out, especially on mustering as I know she'll be with me on the job till the end. 
But my favourite part is her personality. She suits her name perfectly & is the sweetest little dog you'll ever meet. She is also extremely loyal & won't let her affection be swayed as long as I am near by. If I am away, she'll be as sweet as pie to whoever is filling the feed bowl, but as soon as I return, she will respond to friendly overtures by hiding behind my legs like a child behind her mother's skirts. Her loyalty shall not be swayed....& I love that about her. 

Miss Charm is rising 5 & I've loved watching her step into motherhood.  An absolute natural. 


Pilbara Sass

Born 10/9/2017

Killili Diamond x Pilbara Impulse

Miss Sass is the beautiful daughter of Impulse X Diamond & is very aptly named. This girl is now a main member of my team. She has strength in spades, a wide cast with plenty of cover & a strong work drive that can have her pushing her body to the limits. Not short on brains, this kid shows her youth every now & then when everything is going too smoothly, boredom kicks in & she'll 'innocently' see what mischief she can stir up. Also known as the Sass effect.  
All my dogs are affectionate but this little girl is something really special. She's with me for the long haul & I can't wait to watch her mature into the amazing dog I know she will be.


Killili Cash 

Born 30/7/2015

Belrieve Meg II x Barru Luke

Killili Cash is a new addition to my team.  Full brother to Diamond, he has the same wide cast on his stock & never grew out of the aloof attitude his sister had early on.  But he is affectionate in his own way & a great asset to my team with his calm, steady work.  Looking forward to seeing his progeny come through.



Died 25/12/2019 aged around 10

When I first started with my dogs, I was given a beautiful pup by a very generous friend & flew to QLD to pick up a team of 4 experienced working dogs. Flora was one of my original 5 & the only one still with me now, 6 years later. I remember it took me over 3 months to win her affection, till I suddenly realised one day, 'hey, she finally likes me!'. Ironically, after my initial hard won stint, she then became very free with her affections.....to everyone else. But I still like to think I was her secret favourite. 

Flora was the kind of dog you never own. She was a queen. Most days she'd allow me to work with her, though she'd take my commands as mere suggestions & more often than not consider them wrong. More often than not she was right. She would tail cattle all day, only come back to the bike for a drink after much pleading, would work with anyone, provided they just let her do her job. She was extremely clever with her stock work, had the patience of a saint & was the kind of dog anyone starting out dreams of finding. She was also a ratbag, took forever to leave a job unless she thought you were going to another one & was caught instigating mischief in the pups more than once.

Her penchant for chasing lizards finally caught up with her on Christmas day when she tackled the wrong reptile. 
I owe this girl so much for all she has taught me over the years, her place in my team will be a hard one to fill.